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How to make money online -Step by step guide 
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  1. Program for accounts and forms

        Because you will start working with multiple accounts, passwords and websites, it is preferable to use a program that will help you to administrate them with ease. Among the best known are included Roboform and LastPass. Roboform is probably the most common but we advise you to use it unless it is bought, it´s a bit risky to use a cracked program to remember passwords and sensitive data. We advise you to use LastPass because it is free and does the job as well, so download it and start making money online . The same program you can use to complete the forms, because you will have enough during your money making process.
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  2. Open accounts

In order to make money online you need to open an email account. Use Gmail (Google email) or Yahoo.
         You need to open a PayPal account and / or Moneybookers. You need to be able to receive money and to make payments.
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  3. Build a website

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         Yes, you will need one to be able to start making money online. Do not worry, there are plenty website builders easy to use. In general where you can find free hosting services they provide a web builder too. How to make money online website recommands 000webhost services which provide enough quality, considering it's a free start.
For those who have the money is preferable to register a domain and start with a paid service, so the quality of website navigation will increase. How to make money online website recommands GoDaddy(12$/yr) or 1and1 services. Both are very well known and bouth have very good offers for those that want to learn how to make money online.

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  4. Open a few PTC accounts or/and the advertisers found here

These online PTC sites accounts can generate money online, fewer it is true, but any incomes are  welcomed. Anyway this accounts will be very useful for advertising, so register to the best known and those with most members. These two characteristics are important for the profitability of advertising campaigns that you will do later.
         If you are not already a member to some of them here are some suggestions Clicksia, ClixSense (expensive but efficiet for advertising), International Offers, DonkeyMails (average) and JillsClickCorner (low advertising cost). For those interested in more of such websites in our website menu you can find a section dedicated to them, all are trusted.
        If you prefer using a professional advertiser you can find several under the Advertise section. This type of advertising it´s more expensive but the most efficient since every click you receive it´s from someone interested on your site, so it´s a chance to make money online.
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  5. Join EuroPartners or/and Gambling-Affiliation

 For EuroPartners, the biggest european gambling affiliation, things are easy. After you register you get instant access to promoting tools, a lot of them, and then just start promoting and you´ll see how easy is to make money.
        For Gambling Affiliation, after you become a member, you have to receive approval for your site.
        Once obtained, you can register in existing campaigns. You can subscribe to any from them but keep in mind that for a campaign from they will check if referrals are from Spain. Our website advice is to sign up at the international ones, or from your country.
        Here you will find, once received the permission, banners and links necessary for this online campaigns.
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  6. Advertising

In this step you will need PTC sites or/and professional advertising sites listed above. Advertising is important for success. Try not to be cheap because the math works.
        How you will see, 30€ can buy up to more than 30,000 clicks on an acceptable PTC website (for proffesional advertisers see pricing here). Our how to make money online website advise you to use multiple websites simultaneously with a maximum packet 5000-10000. Professional advertisers are more expensive but also much more efficient.
         Do not worry about the amount, if those 30,000 clicks get’s you even a referral, you will recover the full amount of money (campaigns from 30 € -150 €). In addition you you will gain from future referral. Let´s see how it works: John plays at the casino 200 €, which he most likely loses. When he makes his deposit into the casino account you will get your share of money from the casino earnings. The next time John will deposit other 200€ in your casino account, you will get your next share of money.To make money online it´s so easy...COOL.
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  7. More advertising

Do you want to start making more money, do more advertising. Gambling sites gain more and more followers every day. To make money online you have to fish.
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  8. Raise your page rank to make money

In order to obtein free traffic for your site you need to raise your page rank. A good way is to use a free program to do it. How to make money online website uses Linkmachine , it´s a very good one.  
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